The Big Idea Experience is a fun and exciting video assembly that helps elementary kids learn about making smart decisions by teaching a Big Idea, which is a value that is important for kids to know. Each month the focus is on a new Big Idea. The video is about 20 minutes and includes skits, cartoons, puppets and lots of fun as part of the learning process.

The Big Idea is a character value taught during the video assembly and can be reinforced at the school through teacher resources, media resources, visual resources, daily announcements, and family resources. Each monthly Big Idea has a definition, animal, and color associated with it to make it more applicable and easier for kids to remember.


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“The Big Idea Experience has done a wonderful job of teaching us some character lessons that our kids use every single day!”

Shawn Springer
Principal: Christa McAuliffe Academy, USD 259

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions not answered here.

Nothing! There is NO cost to the school whatsoever. It’s absolutely FREE! However, to gain access to these interactive, video assemblies, you’re school must be a VIP Partner. If you’re interested in making your school a VIP Partner, simply fill out the contact form below!

The Big Idea Experience values are based on the curriculum from Core Essentials. Core Essentials is a non-profit organization that partners with Chick-fil-A to provide quality character building resources to schools. The Core Essentials values program provides teaching resources, media resources, visual resources, daily announcements and family resources to reinforce the character building value (Big Idea) presented by the Big Idea Team.

The assemblies are appropriate for kids from preschool through 5th/6th grade.

Click HERE to see the Big Ideas and their definitions for the current school year.

Each video is about 20 minutes long.

We produce a new video covering a different Big Idea each month.

The video assemblies are only available to our VIP Partners. If you’re interested in making your school a VIP Partner, fill out the form below (it’s completely FREE)!

“We love The Big Idea Experience! It’s a great opportunity for our students to learn a lot of different character traits and have fun at the same time!”

Lyle Dosser
Principal: Lincoln Elementary, USD 402

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    (VIP Partners gain access to exclusive, interactive video assemblies that teachers can use in their classes to help reinforce the Big Idea each month in a fun and exciting way).