Individuality: The Big Idea for October

Individuality makes this world exciting! And it makes things work better! It allows us to team up with others who are gifted in areas we aren’t to make a bigger difference in the world. It’s a lot like our bodies. Every part has a specific function that works together with every other part. If you are a health or science teacher, you know just how many different muscles, bones, nerves, etc are involved just in the act of taking a step.

Teachers who have giftedness for music, art, mathematics, language, science, physical education, history, etc–partner together with each other and those who are gifted in administration to create a well-rounded education for students. Each student is an individual as well. Many times students think they have to be like everyone else to “fit in,” but the truth is that their individuality will allow them to have successful adult lives when they nurture the skills they have naturally. Make sure you check out our video assembly for this month. Don’t know how to do that? Just fill out a contact form and let us know who you are so we can give you more information about partnering with The Big Idea Experience!