Put It On Pause

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could push a rewind button on life? Maybe you said something or did something you wish you hadn’t. It happens. Sometimes we over-react to a situation and lose our temper. Or maybe we just make an unwise choice in the heat of the moment. Well, although there is no such thing as a remote control for our lives, we can think about one of the buttons on the remote when we face difficult situations and decisions. The pause button is so handy on the remote control. It lets us stop a show in the middle to just take a brief time out. Maybe we need a snack or a restroom break or attend to the kids. “Pause” lets us step out of the current situation and take a time-out. In real life, taking a pause break can also help us think about what we are going to say before we say it and think about the consequences of what we want to do before we do it. Pausing can protect us from a lot of regrets. It’s all part of having self-control, choosing to do what you should do not what you want to do. So get your imaginary remotes ready and let’s “pause” to make smart decisions!