Category: Experiments

  • Science Station: Knowledge

    COFFEE CUP RACE CARS ITEMS NEEDED: 2 Disposable Coffee Cups and their Lids 3 Rubber bands Straw Scissors Strong Tape Pencil Paper clip Small Washer Bead DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut a hole in the center of the bottom of your cups 2. Use the tape to fasten the two bottoms of the cups together 3. Use…

  • Science Station: Honor

    EXPLOSION OF COLOR ITEMS NEEDED: Two medium sized plates Q-Tips Dish Soap Milk, Cream, or Elmer’s Glue   DIRECTIONS: 1. Pour the milk, cream, or Elmer’s glue into your first plate. Make sure to pour enough that the bottom is completely covered. Allow the liquid to settle.   2. Add drops of food coloring to…

  • Professor Pontificate’s Experiment: Obedience

    Check out this fun experiment with Professor Pontificate! If you want to see how it’s done, check out this month’s video: Science Station: Obedience. Be sure to view the card upside down to see if  you followed the directions correctly!